YouTube Advertising 

it’s claimed to stimulate engagement, with video marketing converting better than any other content, Increase brand awareness, develop better connection with customers and gain their feedback, promote prevalence, and increase brand awareness.

More than 1 billion visitors are on YouTube each month watching over six billion hours of video of all marketing channels available, YouTube has the authority to reach a larger percentage of the population.

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YouTube advertising narrow down the scope of your audience by age, gender, location, and interest as the built-in analytics track the ad performance and make improvements. YouTube Advertising’s benefit is that you only pay when someone chooses to watch your video either by clicking on it or watching the whole thing; which means that your video is being watched by interested audience in your content. DreamSoft has a special access to YouTube described as soft and strong at the same time. Unlike any other company,DreamSoft is authorized to more access than any other company to more YouTube users who are interactive with advertisements which lead to better results with less prices than any other company that has access to YouTube.

- In-Stream ads: 

your ad plays before, during, or after the rolled video, which is (able to skip) 5 seconds after displaying it.

- In-display ads: 

shown next to related videos, in YouTube search results, or by content across the Google display networks.

- Bumper ads: 

a 6 seconds or shorter ad that plays before; during or after another video (Bumper ads couldn’t be skipped). 

DREAMSOFT is a fully integrated Digital Marketing Service Provicer

DREAMSOFT offers a plethora of services having office presence in two major emirates in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it is considered a major service provider of digital marketing, web design & development, VAS and also SMS. DREAMSOFT can provide you access to a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise from every facet of internet marketing. Consequently, your business will benefit from an all en-compassing strategy designed to match and exceed your business goals.