About Us

Dreamsoft Computers LLC (‘Dreamsoft’) is an integrated digital marketing service provider company established in 2004; our core areas of business are Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development, Technology & Hosting, Mobile Applications and customize design for businesses.

Dreamsoft transformed from the traditional SMS marketing to Digital services, our focus on this areas are to help and cater all Advertiser to enjoy our Offers and help them achieved their target audiences and visitors.

About Us

- Dreamsoft was regarded as the pioneer and one of the largest companies in the Middle East for digital marketing services. Our existing and strong relationships to all mobile operators across the globe for mobile marketing platform are one of them, we have established, strong platform for online marketing and brand awareness campaigns, and designed and develop web and mobile applications to numerous Small and Medium Enterprises including Ministries and Large Private Enterprises.

- Dreamsoft web & developer team has vast experience in the industry, we are concentrate on the web designing and mobile application development, our services are developed in-house by our panel of highly skilled technical specialists assuring of service functionality, flexibility and reliability.

- Dreamsoft has been recognized by our technology and network partners and peers as a pioneer and credible service provider for every client profile. Our strong presence helps define our multicultural approach and devotion to excellence. We would not only provide our services but also enhance our skills and gain more knowledge and understanding.

CEO Message

At the outset, thank you for being associated with us.

We are driven by the passion and commitment in establishing high quality and innovative services, we are focused on excellent services as an integrated marketing and digital service provider, to align our customer in a competitive strategy.

We strive to develop more services aligned with the business trends.

We have acquired a reputable and commended position in the marketing and digital service industry, we owe this success to our esteemed customers, and inspire us to research the current business trends, translate the results and develop this into services.

Truly, developing a reliable and high quality of service is our goals.

Since our inceptions, our teams are always passionate of their jobs and happy to witness our business customers transformed and grow using our innovative services.

I sincerely thank and appreciate the efforts of everybody who has been instrumented in the establishment and success of Dreamsoft Computers LLC, as we continue to enhance our exceptional services and bring revolutionary results to our valued customers.

CEO, Dreamsoft Computers LLC
Mr. Rakan Al Nsour

Our Vision & Mission

Develop an outstanding digital quality service functional and reachable for each and every one. Improve the interactions between business customers and connect then in digital world.

“At Dreamsoft, It’s our mission to create an opportunity for everyone, and increase the brand awareness, and sales of our clients”


Dreamsoft delivers what it promised to its customers, our capabilities are incomparable from other companies, the team work and harmony inside the company is the main ingredient for delivering its premium quality services towards its customers.


- High returns for the monthly spent

- Generating high conversion rates

- Capture the right target audience

- Deliver interactive landing page design

- Manpower savings – no need to hire social media marketer & web designer

- Real time statistics

- Global Reach

- Generating high quality leads

- Cost Effective

- User control for sending bulk SMS according to their schedule

- High social media interaction

- Social Media management and maintenance

- Quality videos and other multimedia services


- Structured team to meet huge volume of customer requirements

- Back with available infrastructures readiness and strategic locations (UAE & INDIA)

- Team capability to handle demand of business

- Providing online and technical support to customers

- Good collaborations with major ad-networks

- Handling real time customers from different verticals

- Social Media management and maintenance

- Bringing quality multimedia as services

- Capability to handle huge amount of bulk SMS around the globe

- Bringing high sales and revenue through target audience using mea click

- Social media interactions are maintained and updated


At Dreamsoft, We believe in innovation, its innovation which makes us better than others. As Internet is quite different from any other mediums, we know exactly what is needed to be successful and effective on the internet.

We follow very strict norms and rules to maintain high quality in each and every task we do. We ONLY go live when it is cleared of all the quality tests. There is no compromise for Quality, we always respect quality work and work hard to deliver the same.